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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mom/Fan Girl

So lately I have been rediscovering my fan girl self. This month my satellite TV provider is doing a free channel preview to try to get me to upgrade (they do this periodically) but this month its the Cooking Channel. I had heard some criticism that the Cooking Channel only existed to play Food Network's extras, which is true, partially. They also play some great old school shows like Julia Child and Graham Kerr and the Two Fat Ladies. But what really has my inner fan girl going is Jamie Oliver's show, Jamie at Home. Do you remember Jamie Oliver? I became obsessed back when he was the Naked Chef. He was cute, I was young, and his cookbooks were pretty. I used to get them from the library, read through them and copy out all the recipes I wanted to try. Can you tell I was destined to work with food? Anyway, I have rediscovered him and this new (to me) show of his is so great. In 'Jamie at Home' he shoots the whole show out in his garden, and every episode highlights a different vegetable or two. He does several different recipes, all very fresh and easy and all highlighting what is best about that certain vegetable. This show is so right up my alley, too bad I will only have him for a month. Still, today I got some great tips on roasting beets and carrots, and saw a delicious looking Indian-spiced lamb and carrot dish I totally want to try. Not only does this show fit in with my world view of local, sustainable, fresh cooking, I also really envy his garden. Of course, it says right in the credits that he employs a professional gardener, I'm sure I could have a garden like that if I had someone to work on it full time for me. Oh well, I can always dream.

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